Sunday, February 19, 2012

~~ A Ghostly Sight ~~ ( an Edward Elric lemon )

Name: Kitsune Urora
Age: 17
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Appearance: Blue-gray hair that goes down to her shoulders and deep blue eyes. Wears a black short sleeved shirt, a blue ruffle skirt that goes does down to her knees, gray sneakers with white socks that come up to her knees. Has an transmutation circle on her chest.
Personality: Shy, Kind, Somewhat childish at times, Embarassed easily, Doesnt show many emotions, Easily jumps to conclusions.
Bio: Kitsune was abused as a child and when she was 10 she was abandoned at the alchemist headquarters in central where Mustang took her under his wing. At age 14 she was a certified state alchemist. She was given the name "The Ghost Alchemist" because of her ghost like appearance and movements in fighting. Now she travels where ever her missions take her.

~~ Kitsune's POV ~~
'Crap!' I thought to myself while broading a train 'Mustang paired me up with someone named Edward Elric. I never get paired up; especially with guys." I sat in her booth waiting for her partner patiently. I was reading a book quietly when someone brusted in the entrance, "Excuse me, but are you Kitsune Urora?" I looked up and saw a young man that looked around my age. He had long blonde hair that was in a braid. Behind him was someone in a suit of armor I couldn't see his features but I didn't really care. I felt awkward so I guess nervousness took over me and I stuttered every other word. "Yes. I-I'm Kitsune." "I'm Edward it's nice to meet you." I nodded as they sat down across from me. "Who's your friend?" I said quietly. "That's my brother Al." Edward said back. "Nice to meet you both."
"So what's your alchemist name?" Edward asked. "I'm the G-Ghost Alcemist." "Oh your that girl Mustang took as his apprentice. Well I'm the Full Metal Alchemist." At that statement I stood up and bowed. "I-It's a honor to be in y-your presence" I said. Edward chuckled and patted my head. As he did so the train took a halting stop. I feel over and my face landed on his chest. Al jumped up and made a shocked noise. I blushed and Edward just looked down at me with a shocked expression on his face. "I-I'm s-so s-sorry!" I quick sat back down in my spot. I looked over to the side to hide my blush. "Its okay." he said calmly although out of the corner of my eye I could see a slight blush on his face.
The rest of the ride was quiet and awkward. None of us really said anything else. As we got of the train Edward asked "Why so quiet?" I blushed "I was always t-told to stay q-quiet w-when I was young." "Why?" he seemed curious. "B-because." I teared up when the thoughts of my childhood raced through my head. All the things that happened I couldn't take it. I fell to the ground on my knees crying uncontrollably. Edward quickly got down beside me and looked at me with smpathy. "You asked the wrong question Ed." "I know that." Ed said as he picked me up bridal style. I blushed deeply as he sat me down. "You ok now?" he asked. "Y-Yeah." I wiped the tears from my eyes.
~~Two weeks later~~
Me and Ed seemed to get alot closer in a short amount of time. To be honest. I felt like I was falling for him. We were going to see their teacher they seemed nervous and worried. I giggled at their fright.
When we got to their teacher house I followed behind as they went to knock on the door. When the door opened there was a lady with dreadlocks in a ponytail. She smiled at the boys. She the kicked Ed across her lawn."I told you to always be alert." she said as I ran over to Ed. "Are you ok?" I asked. Ed groaned as he got up. "I see you got a girlfriend Ed. I'm surprised." his teacher said laughing. We both blushed deeply and looked at each other. Al looked at his teacher and shook his head. Ed suddenly took my hand and pulled me toward him and kissed me. We were both blushing deeply and my eyes widened. His teachers mouth dropped and Al gasped. Ed finally pulled away and he looked at my deep blue eyes with his light yellow ones. "I-I guess I was right." his teacher said in shock. "Meet me in my room tonight." Ed said to me seductively into my ear. I could've precummed right then and there. I blushed as deeply I could.
Later that evening I walked through his teacher's house looking for Ed's room. When I walked into his room he was waiting at the doorway. He pulled me towards him and kissed me again. I blushed deeply. He continued to attack my lips. He licked my bottom lip begging for entrance. I opened my mouth slightly.
~~Ed's POV~~
I couldnt control myself. I wanted, no, needed her. I was already erect from just thinking about it. She had granted me entrance to her and my tounge was moving over every particle of her mouth. We had inched our way over to the bed. I layed her down on the bed and put my knee between her legs.
~~Kitsune's POV~~
I guessed it was his automail leg he had put in-between my legs. It was cold and only made me want him more. He started to inch down my neck. "Kit you really want me. Don't you?" Ed cooed. "Y-yes!" I half moaned. He was at my week point and he was driving me insane. I could tell that my panties were soaked through already. He tugged at my shirt "Take it off." he ordered.
~~Ed's POV~~
I tried to keep cool but I was freaking out. I've never done this before. I don't think she noticed but I was blushing as red as I could. As she took off her shirt I started to precum. I couldn't help my self. My movements weren't even planned they just happened. I reached behind her and unlatched her bra. It fell off and I couldn't help but ask "What cup size are you?" I said trying to make it sound plain but it didn't come out that way. "D-D" she said as she blushed deeply. I started to suck on her nipple and I heard her breath catch in her throat.
~~Kitsune's POV~~
I moaned loudly. My wetness had penetrated my pj pants by then. His teeth scraped against my nipple. I couldn't help it I grabed his hair and moaned loudly. He fondled my other breast with his auto mail hand. It was so cold. He started to give the other breast the same torture. He started to inch toward my pants. He grabed the hem of my pants and yanked them
down along with my panties. He put his automail finger in my womanhood. My breath catched in the back of my throat. His cold finger slid around my walls. "You're do wet Kit~" he cooed at me. He continued to torture me. I felt like I was being to submissive so I flipped him over and turned around so that my womanhood was in his face. I pulled of pants and boxers off. His member jumped in front of my face.
~~Ed's POV~~
I was shocked. She started licking around my tip. I grunted loudly. "Why aren't you teasing me too?" she said cooing at me. So I proceeded in licking her womanhood she moaned loudly but she started to slip my manhood into her mouth. I grunted but continued to please her like she wanted me to. I couldn't help it anymore and I could tell she couldn't either. We both cummed inside each others mouths.
~~Kitsune's POV~~
I was moaning with pure ecstasy. Ed flipped me over and positioned himself at my entrance. "Do you really want me to do this?" Ed asked. I nodded softly. I was quickly interrupted from my peace as he broke my virgin wall. I teared up and Ed refused to move. He kissed me softly until the pain went away. He then started pumping in and out of me slowly. I was moaning uncontrollably. He started to go faster little by little until he was going so fast it was inhuman. I could fell a tight warm knot in my lower half. "E-Ed I'm going to c-" but I was cut off by his seed exploding inside of me. I soon afterward cummed. Ed gently fell untop of me. We were both panting heavily.
~~Al's POV~~
I couldn't believe it. I was hearing the moans and grunts coming from the room beside me. I was embarassed.
~~Izuma's POV~~
I laughed to myself. Ed had grown up. I walked to the door and opened it. Inside Kitsune was laying down on Ed's bare chest. They were both sleeping. It was truly a ghostly sight.


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  2. Blood loss and fangirling XD loved the story!

  3. Blood loss and fangirling XD loved the story!

  4. *twitching from blood lost* whispering s-such g-g-good s-s-s-s-story....*slowly gasping for air* *plop*

  5. *twitching from blood lost* whispering s-such g-g-good s-s-s-s-story....*slowly gasping for air* *plop*

  6. *twitching from blood lost* whispering s-such g-g-good s-s-s-s-story....*slowly gasping for air* *plop*